Did You Even Read About The Jesus You Are Talking About? — Simi Fires Shot At Chris Oyakhilome


Simi Fires Shot At Chris Oyakhilome

Simi Fires Shot At Chris Oyakhilome! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Senior pastor of the Believers Love World, has come under severe criticisms over his sermon on husband and wife.

According to the cleric, God made man and everything was very good, but woman was not in God’s original plan.

Simi Fires Shot At Chris Oyakhilome! He said that the word “husband” means “master”, therefore a husband isn’t a wife’s equal.

Reacting, Nigerian singer Simi, who married her colleague, Adekunle Gold in a private ceremony in Lagos last year, said she can’t understand the desperation for a human being to want to be seen as master by another human being.

Shee tweeted on Thursday thus: “Qst(question) is – why you so desperate for another human being to see you as master? Is it a complex? Are u worried you are not enough to earn respect without Paul and co? Are you scared that if there was no bible, you really have nothing else to offer? Tell me.

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Cos the way I f*cking see it, a real man commands respect by being good, kind, true, selfless, having a good heart. Any1 can call him/herself a leader, but true leaders serve and are selfless. Talking about Jesus. Did you even read about the Jesus you’re talking about? Lol. Jokes

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