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If You Can Guess The Owner Of This Cap And What He Does For A Living, We Have Something For You (99% Won’t Get It)



   cap 1

This particular cap is the most popular cap in Nigeria right now.

The cap is popular not because of anything but because of the personality always wearing it.

The owner of this cap holds a public office but there are things he does with his public office that made him and his cap popular.

See More Photos:-

cap 2

cap 3

As for me, Adekunle Ekun, I will never believe anything anyone wearing this cap tells me not to talk of taking them serious.

NOTE:- This is post does not require serious answer, just say what comes to your mind about the owner of this cap and what he does with his office.

Only real Nigerians will know the owner of this cap 👇

Can You Guess The Owner Of This Cap?

I can bet 99% won’t get it

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