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I caught my husband sleeping with his mother in our car and this is what he says – Nigerian woman



I caught my husband sleeping with his mother in our car and he said there is nothing wrong with it – Nigerian woman

husband sleeping with his mother – My name is Christy, I am heartbroken, I never knew my hubby sleeps with his mother, my husband is rich from South South part of Nigeria, we live in Canada.
Due to my childlessness my husband has been sleeping outside to see if they can get another woman pregnant but when we consulted a doctor, the doctor said the problem is from my husband but my husband refused and said am the cause that when he was in school, he impregnated his school mate before she did abortion.

Since then, I and my husband have been living like cat and dog. In October, he invited his 56-year-old Mum from the Village, to be frank, His mother is beautiful and still looking very young, she is even more beautiful than me.

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When My Mother-In-law came to the Canada for Christmas Holiday everything changed, she started showing me attitude as if I am the cause of our childlessness.

Since she came, my husband stopped sleeping in our room, He always stay with his mother day and Night, when I asked him why, he said his mum is his first Love that he always like staying close to his mother every time.

One day, I went for shopping and to make my Hair for Christmas, when I came back, I caught my husband and his mother making love in our car, when he saw me, he didn’t even do as if he saw me, he was busy doing what he was doing, when they finished, he told me that his mother is sweeter than me and there is nothing wrong with it after all he has no father (bastard), that if I don’t like what I saw I should go back to my father’s house, he also vowed to kill me if I should tell anyone what happened.

Please, how can my husband sleep with me after sleeping with his own mother? I feel like ending this marriage right now. I feel like poisoning my mother in-law right now.

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