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12 Secrets Women Will Always Hide From Their Men

12 Secrets Women Will Always Hide From Their Men

Secrets Women Will Always Hide From Their Men – We’ve all been there; you start dating someone and you want to present yourself as the best possible version of yourself but what that usually means is hiding some embarrassing things or habits that you don’t want your partner to know about. This goes both for men and women, but women are truly masters of the art of hiding their little secrets.

No matter how well you think you know someone, there are always things about them you have no idea about, and sometimes, that is actually a good thing. After all, you don’t want to know about all the places your girlfriend has been plucking hair from before you went on a date with her, do you? And she doesn’t want you to know about them either, so where is the harm in that?

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On the other hand, there are some secrets she is keeping from you because she might be afraid how you would react if she told you, and they often involve her ex-boyfriends or some financial issues she might be having. Why do they do that? Well, every girl is different but there are some things most of them do have in common. So let’s dive deeper into the subject and talk about 12 things girlfriends will ALWAYS hide from their boyfriends.


If your girlfriend and your mother get along really well, you are one lucky dude because that really doesn’t happen very often. The key problem here is jealousy. Your mother is not happy about the fact she no longer is the most important woman in your life, while your girlfriend doesn’t like your mother trying to get too involved in your relationship. Of course, she will never EVER tell you that, especially if you are one of those guys who really care deeply about his mother. In fact, she will do anything to hide the fact she is not fond of your mother at all. After all, she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and she also might be afraid it could have a really bad impact on your relationship.


You and your girlfriend might be just perfect for each other and, although you love each other dearly, that doesn’t mean you are the best lover she has ever had. Of course, she will never admit that! Sure, it might have crossed her mind once or twice, but she won’t talk to you about that ever. Instead, she might try to navigate you to do some things her ex did just right in the sack, but you’ll never know that is what she’s been doing. Keep in mind that she doesn’t like to be compared to your exes because that feels just awful, so she is actually doing you a solid by not comparing you to hers. On the other hand, every lover is different, and so is the chemistry between two people.


The moment you started dating her, your girlfriend started thinking about her future with you. You might not know that, but she already knows whether you are a marriage material or not. If you are, she has the whole future all planned out. She already thinks about all the ways you could propose to her, about your wedding, about what your (imaginary) kids will look like, what their names will be etc. Women, generally, like to think ahead and they like to believe they have it all figured out. Of course, life often doesn’t go as planned, but cut her some slack; fantasizing is allowed. However, if you do propose to her, she will act surprised and try to convince you it had never crossed her mind before. Women like to be perceived as strong and independent, so admitting their dream about their wedding isn’t something they are likely to admit right away.


Girlfriends talk about everything, and I mean literally EVERYTHING. That, of course, includes you, and if you knew how much your girlfriend’s BFF knows about you, it would make you pretty uncomfortable. For that reason, your girlfriend will never admit that. However, you should be aware of the fact that her BFF knows how good (or bad) you are in bed, how happy (or disappointed) she was with the last gift you bought her, how great (or weird) it was when you shared one of your fantasies with her etc. When it comes to BFFs, there are no boundaries and that is where men and women differ significantly. That is why you can’t even imagine the things girls talk about behind your back, since you would never talk about them with your male friends.

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There is a very good chance your girlfriend will always hide the number of her exes. You might know about some of them, but you will probably never know about all the guys she used to date before you were in the picture. But why hide that? Well, the problem is all those rules and pressure society put on women when it comes to their sexuality. She might be afraid that if the number is too low, you might find her inexperienced or overly conservative, while if the number is too high, you might think of her as promiscuous and easy. So the safest road to take in this case is to simply keep it a secret forever. Keep in mind that even if she does tell you eventually, there is still a pretty good chance she won’t be telling the truth.


Your girlfriend is well-aware that the key ingredient for other people to find her attractive is confidence so she won’t ever admit she has a bunch of insecurities about her looks. She sees all those seemingly perfect women on the magazine covers and her thoughts instantly go to all the little imperfections on her own body. She might think she is too fat (even if she isn’t), that her breasts are too small, her nose is too big, that little pimple on her chin is the first thing people notice when they look at her, etc. It isn’t always rational but she feels that way from time to time, and she can’t help it. However, she doesn’t want you to start seeing her that way and notice those things, so she will never speak of them. EVER.


Every person needs their alone time and there is nothing weird about that. However, when it comes to how people spend their me-time, that is where things can get a bit awkward. Your girlfriend wants to seem perfect to you so if you ask her how she spent the weekend, she will probably tell you she read a book, watched a documentary, cleaned her house, or focused on the work she brought home with her. The truth is, she probably didn’t do any of that or, if she did, she also did a couple of pretty embarrassing things she would never admit to you. She probably read a magazine instead of a book, she watched a chick flick instead of a documentary, cleaning the house basically included washing one plate and one fork, and she brought a pint of ice-cream home instead of her work.


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You might be aware that your girlfriend is still friends with some of her exes, but she will never admit how often she actually hears from them. If her ex calls her out of nowhere just to hear her voice and to ask how things are, she won’t inform you every time that happens. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean she is cheating on you or even considering it, she just doesn’t want you to be jealous or, even worse, to forbid her from keeping in touch with the exes. Unfortunately, in this particular case, keeping it a secret can actually make things worse because if you find out on your own, the reaction will probably be much worse than if she told you in the first place. She might be aware of that, but she will still keep it a secret.



When it comes to people who are important to you, your girlfriend will pretend to like them as hard as she possibly can. If you are lucky, she will love your friends and enjoy hanging out with them, but there is a chance that just won’t happen no matter how hard she tries. However, if she secretly despises your best friends, she will keep it to herself. Maybe she will let you know that she doesn’t feel all that comfortable around them, but she will never openly tell you just how much she hates them.

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Either way, try not to invite your friends out with you every single time, and make some time just for the two of you. She will be grateful for that even if she truly loves all of your buddies.


Come on, admit it! You have found yourself fantasizing about your favorite Victoria’s Secret model once or twice and you didn’t immediately run to your girlfriend to tell her all about it! Well, women fantasize about other guys as well, but they will never admit that to their boyfriends. Sure, they will share all of the spicy details with their BFFs, but never with their partners. If your girlfriend has a secret celebrity crush, just let her have it, don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s not like she is going to cheat on you with Johnny Depp when she leaves the house for coffee. There is also a chance she thinks that about other guys she meets on daily basis, but that is something you will never have a clue about, because she will hide it like a pro.


It would be really amazing if you and your girlfriend loved all the same stuff, but there is a chance there will be some things you really love that she despises. For example, if your favorite film is Star Wars, while she thinks it is stupid, she will probably still watch it with you because she knows it is important to you. There are many little things like that she will do just to please you and while she might let you know she is not the biggest fan in the world, she will probably never tell you just how much she actually hates them. If you are observant enough, you will notice the difference between the things she really enjoys doing with you and the things she does just to make you feel better.



Your girlfriend will never admit it, but she stalks you on social media every day. She checked every single female on your friend list and she keeps a mental note on how often each of them likes your pics and comments on your posts. She is the first one to know about everything that is going on on your profile and you should just make peace with the fact that there is nothing you can do about that. Sure, she will never tell you just how many times she visited your profile today, but you might notice her asking you about certain people from your life she had no way of knowing about if she wasn’t stalking you on Facebook or Instagram. Good news is it gets better over the time, but you should count on this happening the first few months in the relationship.






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